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We all know the importance of staying active, particularly as we grow older,
but when pain stands in the way, sometimes that can be easier said than done.

The OA GO® from DonJoy® helps provide relief from pain and mobility issues
caused by mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis. With a simple twist of a dial,
this innovative soft knee brace’s three-point unloading system quickly unloads
the affected compartment to help relieve pain and ease movement.

OA GO is a low profile, lightweight combination of sleeve and wrap that slides
over the leg for easy application. Its flexible sidebar connects to a system of
cables controlled by dual BOA® dials—just turn to achieve the necessary level
of unloading and you’re ready to go.

That’s why, whether activity means rambling in the countryside, climbing the
steps of a gallery, or playing in the garden with the grandkids, this brace is an
invitation to go for it.

Features & Benefits


OA GO’s patented fitting system uses adjustable BOA® dials to control the level of tension within its two cable loops. This tension reorients the flexible elements of the brace to create a three-point leverage system that offloads the affected compartment and provides relief


Anatomically contoured condyle pads: Adhere to the knee anatomy for improved pressure distribution. Two different thicknesses (10mm and 13mm) of condyle pad included to aid individual fit and comfort for varied anatomies.

Anti-slip bands: Positioned at the top of the thigh to prevent brace migration and maintain a comfortable fit.

Breathable, stretchable, antibacterial fabrics: Aid comfort, compliance, and hygiene, enabling extended periods of use. Not made with natural rubber latex. Rear lycra section provides additional comfort and freedom over the popliteal fossa


Hybrid sleeve/wrap design: Half wrap, half sleeve, OA GO combines the benefits of both to make fitting quick and easy. Simply open the thigh section then pull the lower sleeve section over the calf before securing the support with the hook-and-loop fastening.

Precision fit and fast release: Twin multidirectional BOA Li2 dials deliver a precision fit engineered to perform in the toughest conditions. Turn clockwise and counter-clockwise for independent tightening and releasing of thigh and calf areas, or pull up for quick release.

Easy-grip pull tab: Facilitates quick and easy attachment and release of the locking plate, and folds down flat to avoid catching.

BOA® is a registered trademark of BOA® Technology Inc.

Size Guide - Measuring and Sizing – DonJoy Osteoarthritis Knee Braces (oabrace.co.uk)

How To Fit

Find a Fitting Centre

Visit one of our dedicated brace fitting centres for expert advice and fitting of your brace. They will order the brace for you, and arrange fitting with their team. 

Find your nearest Fitting Centre HERE

These Fitting Centres operate separately from Motioncare but have received training on our products. Fitting Centres fees for fitting may vary. 


  • Brace must be purchased and received by the customer (hospital or patient) directly from Enovis. DonJoy braces covered by the 30-day trial are the ClimaFlex OA, OA GO, ROAM OA, OA Nano and OA Adjuster 3.
  • The trial offer covers the cost of the brace only (no other costs associated with the purchase will be refunded or credited).
  • Valid only in the UK and Ireland. Claims must be received by Enovis within 30 days of ordering. To claim, contact the Service Centre team on +44 (0)1483 459659, or use the contact us page.

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