Neoprene Undergarment
Neoprene Undergarment

Neoprene Undergarment

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Made from top-quality, durable perforated neoprene undersleeve, the DonJoy Neoprene Undergarment provides compression and a bit of warmth. The perforations in the neoprene help your skin to breath and allow moisture to escape, while the protective lightweight materials offer a buffer between your skin and your brace, to provide greater comfort. Easy to apply and washable, the DonJoy Neoprene Undergarment can be worn under any rigid, hinged knee brace for breathable support.

Match to the size of the brace.


Features & Benefits

  • Increased comfort when wearing a knee brace
  • Decreased skin chafing or rashes from brace friction
  • Breathable, perforated Neoprene to reduce moisture
  • Contoured design to reduce brace slippage
  • Easy application and care
  • Designed to support and protect from sensitive skin, abrasions or rash
  • Best for daily wear and activity

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