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DonJoy Spinostrap puts prescribers and patients in control of back support. Its adjustable shoulder straps, bendable exoskeletal dorsal frame, and customizable lumbar belt enable comfortable individualized support and relief of the thoracic

Thanks to this semi-rigid back brace’s range of intuitive features, back support and kyphotic postural correction are well within reach.


DonJoy Spinostrap is designed to provide support and stabilisation and partial immobilisation (restriction of movement) of the spine.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Semi-rigid exoskeletal dorsal frame

to provide support and aid relief of the thoracic spine, aluminum core can be molded to fit the individual curvature of the back

  • Adjustable lumbar belt

uses accessible strap tabs and finger pockets to provide adjustable support for the spine while leaving the abdomen free. Fixes easily using hook and loop fastening.

  • Adjustable shoulder straps 

use fixable hook-and-loop strap tabs to provide adjustable tension, aiding correction of kyphotic posture by pulling the shoulders back and straightening the back.

  • Repositionable strap guide

can be placed at different heights on the dorsal frame to help control the corrective action on kyphotic posture.

  • Axillary shoulder pads

shaped to be flat and anatomical, they can be positioned to increase the wearing. comfort for the underarm area.

  • Adjustable sternal strap

can be attached to provide additional comfort in the axillary area.

  • Crocodile strap closures 

allow customisation of strap length and position for a convenient individualised fit.

  • Slim and low-profile design 

fits under clothing.

  • Lightweight and breathable 

helps ensure patient comfort.

  • Hypoallergenic and soft materials 

to help avoid skin irritation. 

  • PVC and Latex free

How to use

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