Top 3 Things to Remember Fitting a Rigid Knee Brace

Fitting a knee brace need not be complicated. Keep these three tips at the front of your mind to help you in fitting a brace to off-load an osteoarthritic knee, or to support an injured ligament.

Tip 1. The Height of the Hinges. These fit higher than you may think - line up the middle of the hinge (N in the DonJoy Logo) with the top of the knee cap. This prevents the brace slipping, and allows the hinge - whether it be a Standard, Fourcepoint, or Offloading hinge - to function properly. If it is too low, the brace may slip, may not provide sufficient offload, and may not protect the knee as well as possible.

Tip 2. Tighten the straps. The straps below the knee are the most important and must be tight - these stop the brace slipping - and also allow the 4 Points of Leverage Technology to protect the ligaments effectively.

Tip 3. Follow the fitting sequence. Following the sequence shown in this video will make fitting the brace a faster and easier process.


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