Explaining the Use of a Knee Brace to a Patient

A knee brace can be used as a preventative measure to help protect the knee from damage during high-risk activities such as Skiing or Motocross. Knee braces can also be used following an injury or surgery to protect a structure within the knee (usually ligament or cartilage).

A DonJoy knee brace is used to help keep patients active and enjoying life. DonJoy knee braces do this through their patented technology which helps to get and keep people moving.

DonJoy’s Rigid braces use their unique Four Points of Leverage system to help to stabilise the knee. The two rigid bands (one across the thigh and one across the calf) along with the strapping system help to prevent rotation of the tibia (lower leg) preventing one of the movements typically associated with an ACL injury. This technology is used in all DonJoy knee braces (even our osteoarthritis braces) ensuring the leg is supported and protected.

4 Point of Leverage

DonJoy’s Armor Fourcepoint and FullForce ACL braces include feature our unique FourcePoint Hinge the FourcePoint hinge helps to slow down the knee when moving into extension by creating an adjustable level of resistance. This resistance allows patients to fully bend and straighten the knee but helps to prevent the knee from hyper-extending (the second common way the ACL is injured).

DonJoy FourcePoint Hinge

DonJoy’s Rigid OA braces use a hinge built into the rigid frame in order to create joint space separation which helps to reduce pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis and keep patients moving pain free.

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